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With Boswellia Serrata for Joint & Body Discomfort*

Joint, Body and Cognitive Support

  • 1300 mg Formula
  • 95% Standardized Curcumin
  • With Boswellia Serrata for Joint & Body Discomfort*
  • Includes Bioperine® for Maximum Bioavailability*
  • High-Potency Curcumin and Boswellia Blend
4.9/5 4.9 stars, based on 22 reviews
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  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Non-GMO


Offering: CurcuWell™

Intention: Joint, Body & Cognitive Health

All the joint support you need, sans rolling papers. CurcuWell™ combines a potent 1000 mg daily dose of clinically proven 95% Curcuminoid Turmeric Curcumin extract and a 300 mg serving of 65% boswellic Boswellia Serrata with patented BioPerine® black pepper extract, clinically proven to increase absorption by up to 2000%. This powerful formula works to relieve joint discomfort, boost brain and heart function, and support systemic, full body health - so you can stay gold.










The Source

An antioxidant powerhouse, turmeric curcumin has been clinically proven to support joint, heart, and brain function. CurcuWell is packed with high-potency 95% standardized curcuminoids, 65% boswellic Boswellia Serrata, and patented black pepper extract BioPerine scientifically shown to increase absorption by up to 2000%, making CurcuWell more effective than any generic turmeric extract on the market today.

This powerful clinically proven combination of turmeric curcumin with boswellia serrata, and Bioperine was designed to increase the beneficial effects of these ancient herbs, helping to ease joint discomfort and distress, while also encouraging the wellbeing of the brain, heart, and immune system, giving a boost your overall health.

Key Ingredients

  • turmeric curcuminantioxidant powerhouse
  • boswellia serrataantiinflammatory agent
  • bIOPERINE®increases aborption

You can rest assured knowing there are never any harmful fillers or additives, just whole, natural ingredients.

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Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Softgel | Servings Per Container: 60

  Amount Per Serving %DV
Turmeric Curcumin
(Standardized to 95% Curcuminoids)
1000mg *
Boswellia Serrata
(Standardized to 65% Boswellic Acids)
300 mg *
Bioperine® 10mg *
Other Ingredients:
  • Vegetable Cellulose (Veggie Capsule)
    May contain 0-1% silicon dioxide to retain ingredient potency
  • * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

How to Take CurcuWell

  • 1 Capsule
  • Twice Daily
  • With Food
  • Made in America

    Our entire line of natural products are proudly manufactured in the USA, employing stringent quality control standards that exceed expectations set by cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices).

  • 3rd Party Tested

    We double down on our commitment to truth in labeling, ingredient safety, and product potency with independent, 3rd party testing, giving you peace of mind that what's on the label is also what's inside the bottle.

CurcuWell Reviews

In the interest of transparency, we never use incentives to influence these reviews.

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  • More Energy

    I have a more energy now that I am taking this brand. I can really tell the difference. And it doesn't upset my queasy stomach. My skin even seems to feel better. I will continue with this.

    from Amazon


  • Excellent results

    My husband purchased this product. We started it a couple of months ago. We have seen great results with less aches and pains in our Joints. My husband’s results were almost immediate however mine did take a couple of weeks. I would highly recommend giving this product a try !

    from Amazon


  • Very Good Tumeric!

    I used this for helping me reduce the inflammation caused by my ulcer. It’s a fantastic product! I’ve used another turmeric supplement and that one didn’t so well for me like the Curcuwell did.

    from Amazon


  • Actually a 30 day supply

    Unlike most of these brands, the 30 supply is actually a 30 day supply. Most have 30 pills and say to take 2 a day, which is a 15 day supply. This is much better value for your money

    from Amazon


  • It works for joint pain! I love it and have recommended it to many friends!

    Amazing! I have been suffering from severe arthritis- as diagnosed by MRI- in both of my knees for 7 years. I’ve always been a competitive athlete and my knee pain over the last 5 years has been debilitating. Im 40 years old... My MD recommended I give Turmeric a try. I noticed a difference after 2 mos! Although my runs are now shorter and less intense, I can at least run again- mostly pain free! I used fish oil for years without these kind of results. I’ve been using this brand for 5 mos now. I’m a believer!

    from Amazon


  • It has made my knee feel better

    I am liking this product, since I've been taking it my knee has been feeling much better when I bend down. It used to cause me pain each time I bent it, but it is much better now.

    from Amazon


  • Reduced use of Meloxicam

    I continue to use this product for over two months now and have recently drastically reduced my use of Meloxicam and find that this product has reduced inflammation and pain from my lower back issue.

    from Amazon


  • This stuff really works!

    First things first thank you live well for making such a great product. As a sufferer of chronic osteoarthritis in most of my joints including my back I was taking up to 2400 mg of NSAIDs a day to relieve the pain and discomfort. After two weeks on this product I no longer have to take NSAIDs on a daily basis. This product is a life-changer, and I don't say that lightly. I'm usually pretty skeptical about products for joint pain and inflammation but this one works. my friends my family my co-workers they all see a difference in the way that I move. I'm able to do things now that I haven't been able to doin a long time.

    from Amazon


  • It is working.

    This product seems to be working well for me. I have arthritis, fibromyalgia, polymyalgia rheumatic and sarcoidosis and am only taking Curcuwell and acetaminophen morning and evening. I am working full time!

    from Amazon


  • It does work.

    I was skeptical this supplement would be effective for daily hip pain. It works. This product has replaced 5 ibuprofen twice in a day. Two weeks in and still working even after two hours hard barn work. I’ve reordered and started my husband on it.

    from Amazon


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