At Live Conscious, we feel passionate about making a positive impact on people and the planet via sustainably-sourced ingredients or through additional initiatives such as eco-friendly packaging. We employ a variety of productive methods to minimize the footprint of our business, one of which is the use of recyclable packaging materials.

All of our supplement bottles are made from either HDPE or PET materials. Both types being the most common types of plastic for recycling.

HDPE plastic is the most environmentally stable of all plastics – emitting zero harmful fumes into the environment. Manufacturing HDPE plastics requires a fraction of the energy required to produce steel from iron ore, further contributing to its classification of being eco-friendly. HDPE is accepted at most recycling centers in the world, as it is one of the easiest plastic polymers to recycle. 

PET bottles (made of polyethylene terephthalate) can be recycled into new PET containers, carpet, clothing, protective packaging, automotive parts, construction materials, the felt for tennis balls and so on. PET also is inexpensive, lightweight, resealable, shatter-resistant, and recyclable. PET is globally recognized as a safe, recyclable packaging material that we’re proud to package our offerings in.

When recycling Live Conscious supplement bottles, It is NOT mandatory for you to remove each label before tossing into the recycling bin. The recycling process includes a heating process where any labels and excess glue are burned away. Additionally, keep the bottle caps on. Follow the instructions of your local recycling program if you’d like to learn more!

Interested in getting a little extra mileage out of your supplement bottles? Here are a few creative ways you can repurpose them below:

Everyday we learn more and work to apply the best methods to improve our company, products and the environment. Minimizing our impact on the environment and  striving to improve our sustainability practices is a top priority for us at Live Conscious, and we thank you for your participation in these collective efforts. We couldn’t do it without YOU!