5 Tips on How to Laugh Your Way to Health & Success

5 Tips on How to Laugh Your Way to Health & Success

What do we strive for? Most would answer great health and success. How do you attain it? Hard work, dedication, healthy living, and having some financial aptitude. 

But the one ingredient often forgotten in the recipe to success is laughter. Laughter boosts your health and promotes a more productive you. And the more productive you are, the more successful you will be. 

A woman holding her daughter, laughing

Laughter Makes You Feel Good

Laughing is known to trigger the release of endorphins. These delightful little hormones are responsible for all the good feels you experience, and they flow through your body in volume the more you laugh. 

The effects of endorphins are similar to those produced by opioid drugs, but in this case, the results are always positive. There are no withdrawals or adverse side effects from laughter, although it is contagious. But, you can’t crash from laughter high.

Laughter Keeps You Healthy

Laughter has been shown to boost the immune system. During laughter, your body releases more T-cells, which are the cells that protect you from free radicals and other invading pathogens. Watching funny movies was also shown to increase the production of antibodies that help fight illness and infection. 

An older couple laughing together

Bacteria, viruses, and germs, oh my! With so many pathogens out to get you, we rely on medicine and forget that we can fight illness naturally. Forget the vitamin C when you have a cold, pick up a joke book instead.

Laughter Boosts Your Brain

Forgetting where you parked the car is one thing, but memory loss is an entirely different beast and something that scares most people. Laughing is here to save the day and save your memory. 

Humor has been linked to reduced stress hormones that cause damage and neurodegeneration. A reduction in these means you are not as stressed, and your memory won’t start slipping away as quickly. Your creativity and mood are also enhanced as a result of laughing, so to get you through those slumps, get your buzz from humor instead of coffee.

A woman and her daughter laughing

Laughter Is Exercise

Don’t like going to the gym? Watch a funny movie instead. That’s right, sit down and watch a funny video. Now, this won’t cause the fat to just melt away, but laughter does work to move certain muscle groups in the body, so it can be considered a workout. 

We have all experienced that pain in our sides after huge bouts of laughter, and this is because your diaphragm and stomach muscles are working hard. Laughter also burns calories, and every calorie counts when it comes to losing weight. 

Laughter Creates Connection

How often do you laugh out loud when reading a funny story or watching a comical video at home when you by yourself? Chances are you will always smile, but only occasionally do you burst out into actual laughter. This is because people laugh more by themselves than when they are with others

Two friends laughing

The same funny story invites laughter when shared in a group, most likely because it is so contagious. Both men and women also report that humor is at the top of the list when it comes to attractive qualities about the opposite sex. 

Living Well

To get the most from life, you don’t need to spend thousands on treatments and special programs. Sure, there are obvious benefits to special diets, exercise, and spa treatments, but you can get a bellyful of benefits just from laughing. Laughter is that secret ingredient life is taking about. Share your stories of laughter and success on Facebook @livewelllabsnutrition or on Instagram @livewelllabs