The Best Collagen Peptides

Learn what sets LiveWell's Collagen Peptides apart from the rest. 

Here at LiveWell, we take our standards of quality and potency seriously. That's why our customers trust us to provide the most powerfully formulated health supplements on the market

When we decided to start offering our own Collagen Peptides, we brought the same standards of excellence we've used to create all our other products. 

The result: LiveWell offers the highest-quality Collagen Peptides available on the market today. 

What Collagen Is For

A well-formulated, potent supplement of collagen can do a lot for you:

Support Bone and Joint Health
Encourage Muscle Mass
Boost Gut Health
Strengthen Immune Function
Strengthen Hair & Nails
Promote Skin Elasticity

But in order to get all those great benefits from a collagen supplement, there are two critical factors that must be considered.

Consider the Source

Collagen can come from a lot of different sources, like poultry, eggs, and fish. Some of these sources are less expensive than others, and many brands are not transparent about where their collagen products come from.

But the only collagen that has demonstrated clinical effectiveness and potency is collagen sourced from healthy bovine. That's why LiveWell's Collagen Peptides are exclusively sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised, grade-A bovine.

Nothing Else Added

In other attempts at cost-cutting, you may see collagen products that include things like soy fillers, preservatives, and "natural flavors."

Not only does this decrease the effectiveness of the product, it can also wind up being dangerous to your health. For instance, the FDA has not produced an official definition for ‘natural flavors’, which means companies can use those words to describe almost anything.

LiveWell's Collagen Peptides never include any additives, fillers, or flavors

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